MCXD 32 channels desk station

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    Interne referentie: GGO-MCXD
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    The Green-GO Multi-Channel Desk Station provides direct access to 32 separate users or groups through individual multicolour push-buttons. Each button can be assigned to a single user or a group. Three colour TFT touchscreens indicate the name, volume level and status of the channels. The push-buttons next to the touchscreens are used to control the operational features for each channel (‘Talk’, ‘Listen’, ‘Call’ or ‘Cue’ – depending on which function is selected).

    The Multi-Channel Desk Station has an internal loudspeaker. A 3-pin XLR microphone connector on the front panel allows you to connect a stalk microphone (not supplied). On the back panel are two Ethernet LAN ports with an internal 100MB switch. There is also a GPIO connection located on the back of the device (2x in, 2x out).

    The additional Green-GO Multi-Channel Rack (MCXEXT) or Desk (GGO-MCXDEXT) Extension operates as a slave device to the MCX.
    Up to 9 Green-GO Multi-Channel Rack Station Extensions can be daisy-chained to one MCX master.

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    GGO-MCXD (Multi-Channel Desk Station) (master)


    • MCXD master can be extended with up to 9 Multi-Channel Desk Station Extension slave devices
    • Powered via PoE (802.3af-2003 Standard) or separate DC power supply
    • Includes 2 EtherCon LAN sockets with 100MBit switch
    • Intercom routing data, system setup & preferences are stored in local memory
    • Create your own configuration with the free Green-GO Control software