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    Interne referentie: DTS-03.LCB010E21WB18
    Technische Fiche:

    FOCUS is an outdoor projector's line suitable for wall or ceiling applications. The range includes products with built-in or remote-control drivers, available with different options of size and power to match any needs. Fixtures are available in a variety of LED color compositions available in white, full color or even with the innovative HQS that allows you to get a wide range of pastel shades.

    Focus 1 Pinspot is a compact projector fitted with 3000 K white LED and ultra-narrow optical group to deliver a long-throw extra-bright beam of light. This lighting projector features a IP65 reinforced structure offering high resistance to mechanical stress and to atmospheric agents. Furthermore, it is remotely powered and controlled to permit the maximum freedom of use.



    • 1 x White LED

    • Lumens output (3000 K): 203 @ 700 mA

    • LED lifespan: 50,000 hours (70% lumen output)

    Optical group

    • Ultra-Narrow flood 4°

    Power supply

    • External CC PSU Led driver 700mA max per channel
    • Max distance between Drivenet PSU and fixture 100 m

    • Consumption: max 2 W @ 700mA


    • 90 cm end-stripped 2-pole cable


    • Housing: Aluminium

    • Finishing: Silver RAL 9006

    • Weight:0.90 Kg (1.98 lbs)

    Accessories on request

    • 03.LA.131.IP56 • HUB-IP56 Screw terminals 1 IN / 3 OUT

    • 03.LA.131 • HUB-IP20 Screw terminals 1 IN /3 OUT

    • 0502T031 • Constant current PSU 700mA 9÷48Vdc - Min. 4 - Max 12 units serial wired

    • 0514M240 • Constant current PSU 500-1400mA 60W *Push Dimming *DALI *230Vac - Max 20 units serial wired @ 700mA

    • 0514M241 • Constant current PSU 500-1400mA 60W *Push Dimming *DALI *100Vac - Max 20 units serial wired @ 700mA

    • 0509C081 • 2-pole underwater cable 2 x 1 mm2

    • 0521A010 • Safety cable - 0.3x60 cm - max. capacity load 60 Kg