MagicQ MQ80 Compact Console

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Interne referentie: CHAMMQ80
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MagicQ MQ80 Compact Console

The MagicQ MQ80 is an extremely powerful console in a small size, supporting 48 universes direct from the console and 4 DMX ports supporting RDM, but still fits with in checked luggage restrictions.

It has a large 12” high resolution display provides easy access to all MagicQ features including the Plot window where fixtures can be selected and focused graphically.

MagicQ MQ80 features the same software found on all MagicQ consoles, and uses the same show file formats, enabling compatibility between all MagicQ products. MagicQ MQ80 can be connected over network to a PC or Mac running the free ChamSys free MagicVis lighting visualisation software, or MagicHD media player software (for output of up to 8 layers of HD media) at no extra cost.

The construction of the MagicQ MQ80 incorporates high reliability components, including durable metal Neutrik locking connectors.  The inbuilt 4 port Ethernet switch is protected by the UPS, thus ensuring that both the console and the network switch maintain operation even during a power loss.

The console features a Kensington security slot for securing the product. Both soft bags and flight cases are available as optional extras.



  • 48 universes direct from the console
  • Fits within checked luggage
  • 10 Playback faders, 200 Pages
  • 20 Execute buttons
  • UPS inbuilt to the console
  • External monitor (full HD, can be touch)
  • Includes MIDI, Audio and Timecode input support
  • RDM support via direct DMX Ports and Network

MagicQ Software

MagicQ software offers powerful lighting control with loads of features that lighting designers have some to rely on, such as full lighting visualisation, pixel mapping, and HD media playback on up to 8 different layers, all integrated smoothly to streamline workflows, save time, and shorten learning curve.

Hardware Specifications:

  • Universes direct from the console (via Artnet/sACN/Pathport): 48*
  • Direct DMX Outputs: 4
  • RDM Support: Yes
  • Playbacks: 10
  • Grand Master Fader: 1
  • Sub Master Fader: 1
  • Crossfade Master Fader: 1
  • Attribute Encoders: 8
  • Network Ports: 4
  • Inbuilt 12” Display: 1
  • External Monitor up to 1920x1200 Resolution - HDMI: 1
  • USB Ports: 6
  • Audio Input (1 channel, 7 band): Yes
  • MIDI Ports (In and Out: Yes
  • Remote input port: Yes
  • LTC Timecode In Port: 1
  • Remote Input Port: 1
  • Inbuilt UPS: Yes, uses 12v Lead-Acid Battery
  • Power Input, Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 110 to 240 VAC

Boxed Weights and Dimensions:

  • Width: 750mm (29.5 inches)
  • Depth: 350mm (13.7 inches)
  • Height: 600mm (23.6 inches)
  • Weight: 10kg (22 lb)

Console Weights and Dimensions:

  • Width: 570mm (22.5 inches)
  • Depth: 405mm (15.9 inches)
  • Height: 110mm (4.3 inches)
  • Weight: 8kg (17.6 lb

Software Specifications:

  • Max Number of DMX Channels: 24576
  • Max Number of Fixtures Supported: 24576
  • Max Number of Cues: 5000
  • Max Number of Cue Stacks: 2000
  • Max Number of Groups: 5000
  • Max Number of Palettes: 4096
  • Number of Media Server Layers Supported: 50 (each different content)
  • Numbers of Shows: Virtually unlimited

Included Accessories:

  • Dual Colour Desk light: 1
  • Dust cover: 1
  • Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 Power Cable: 1

Flight Cased Weights and Dimensions:

  • Width: 750mm (29.5 inches)
  • Depth: 350mm (13.7 inches)
  • Height: 600mm (23.6 inches)
  • Weight (console in flightcase): 20kg (44 lb)