Wireless Dali
by LumenRadio

Wireles DALI

W-DALI is the ideal wireless alternative to running DALI cables for retrofit or modernization projects.

With no need for extensive rewiring or construction work, W-DALI gives you an instant wireless lighting network. It cuts installation times, simplifies project planning and allows contractors to take on jobs in buildings where running new cables is just not possible. Being able to take on more projects taking less time means increased revenues and higher profit margins.

And as W-DALI is DALI in-DALI out, programming and commissioning is just the same – no need to learn a new system or change your DALI controller.

W-DALI Node: receiver for groups of lighting fixtures. Fitted inside fixture or in junction box.
W-DALI DIN Rail: transmitter. Designed to be mounted in electrical cabinet beside existing DALI controller.


  • Out-of-the-box installation – just power up and connect to your W-DALI device and you are up and running.
  • Instant wireless setup – with just one push of a button, the W-DALI network is set up within minutes.
  • Mesh network – W-DALI is built on LumenRadio’s ultra-reliable long-range MiraMesh. Cover an entire building, utilizing the mesh network as your infrastructure.
  • Range – up to 500 meters (line of sight) between two meshing W-DALI units.
  • Reliability – LumenRadio’s patented frequency-friendly Cognitive Coexistence technology provides rock-solid connectivity and immunity to interference.
  • Self-optimizing network – the mesh network will always find the best way to send messages through the network between devices.

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