GreenGo V5 Released

Green-GO Version 5 changes the game once again

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Green-GO: Built on innovation and accessibility.

Since launching its innovative digital intercom solution in 2011 and disrupting the market with its IP-based system in the process, Green-GO has grown into becoming the go-to solution worldwide for major sports teams, live events, and broadcast production crew comms. Its award-winning, master matrix-free system is renowned for offering premium features at an affordable price point, and rock-solid dependability when the pressures of showtime demand nothing less.

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Growing from the foundation laid by Dutch manufacturer ELC Lighting, Green-GO’s high-end delivery and unique place in the market has driven its success in a range of application settings. Most recently, Green-GO systems have become a firm favourite with the NFL, Tomorrowland Festival, Chile’s National Police Force and event producers for luxury fashion brand Guess – to name a few.

As an IP-based system, Green-GO is free from any legacy hardware or complex infrastructures, meaning it can plug into any existing 100Mbit Ethernet network without interfering with co-existing data protocols and will perform seamlessly, even when traffic levels are high. This is possible because each Green-GO unit has its own matrix, negating the need for a central hub or backbone, while ensuring the system can be easily scaled up to meet the demands of even the most expansive intercom setups.

Depending on requirements, Green-GO systems comprise a combination of wired and wireless beltpacks, multi-channel stations, switches and interfaces. Being free from an external master station, each system can be configured to meet the exact requirements of the application at hand, and PoE throughout means that only one cable is required for both the signal and power supply.

From niche digital intercom systems to mainstream solutions

Though the size of the audience may be similar to a football game, the event production and logistics of Belgium’s largest music festival are very different in comparison. The 70,000- capacity Tomorrowland Festival chose Green-GO as the intercom solution to connect production management and crew delivering the electronic dance music extravaganza.

Pioneering the next chapter of the comms revolution

Following an extensive beta testing phase, Green-GO recently launched a free-to-access, powerful software and firmware upgrade that is a completely re imagined and built from-the- ground-up.

Called Version 5, it offers end users more control, enhanced live monitoring capabilities and augmented editing tools. It has taken two years to develop, test, and launch into the market,

and is the result of extensive market research exercises where Green-GO listened to honest feedback from its customers.

“The new system is much more accommodating to the needs of broadcast users,” said Henk- jan Blok, Support and Application Specialist. “For example, Version 5 offers a graphical overview on all of your devices – just one click can change your settings live from your computer, which can be actioned in advance. You can also load profiles, specify profiles, and re-use those profiles from one setup to the next.”

Green-GO Version 5 is compatible across the full range of Green-GO firmware and comes in a mobile version, giving users the freedom to walk around a venue and interact with the people who have demands for the intercom system. Green-GO’s new ‘drag and drop’ system also opens up accessibility for the novice user.

“It’s now far easier for somebody to start using Green-GO early on in their career,” added Blok. “We’ve also added a lot of the functionalities for the advanced user. You can create packages for television studios within five minutes, you can create customization with a scripting engine and really tailor the behavior of your device.

“Our worldwide distributors – who will train local customers – are eager to get started. One said that we have created a ‘quantum leap’ for Green-GO. That gives us the spirit to continue and know that we are going in the right direction. Your imagination is the limit!”

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