DMX Merger

Visual Productions


Good news at the start of 2022. Visual Productions launches a brand new product. The DmxMerger is DMX-512 merger in a DIN rail form factor. The device features six optically isolated DMX inputs and one optically isolated DMX output.

Merging Strategies

The DmxMerger offers three different merging strategies.
The Latest Takes Precedence strategy selects one of the 
LTP inputs based on which port had the most recent change. This can be a change in channel levels or a DMX signal becoming active.
The Highest Takes Precedence strategy is used for combining the 
HTP inputs and the result of the LTP merging. In this strategy each DMX channel is compared across the inputs and the highest value is forwarded to the output.

If a DMX signal is present on the Priority input then this input is forwarded directly to the output. In this case all other inputs are ignored.

Combine multiple controllers

When your DMX installation is best served with more than one controller, the DmxMerger can combine the outputs from multiple controllers into one single DMX network.


Create redundancy

Use the Priority input to connect your main DMX controller. Should it fail, the DmxMerger will instantly switch to a secondary DMX controller connector to one of the other input ports.

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