DTS - DRIVENET 416 48Vdc


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Référence interne: DTS-03.LA.196
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DRIVENET is a line of digital power supplies and controllers for large networks of LED projectors. Designed to supply, control and monitor LED networks centrally and remotely, DRIVENET units offer total flexibility and absolute reliability. With a range of 10 different models, DRIVENET provides effective solutions tailored to the most complex and demanding lighting installations, whether indoors, outdoors or underwater.

Drivenet 416 is the 16-channel rack-mountable power supply / controller unit in DTS range. The unit can be controlled via RDM / DMX 512 protocols or with Art-Net optional interface and thanks to the touch-screen color display, it easy to manage function. Furthermore, the current is individually selectable for each output channel and the software is updatable.


• Input voltage/frequency range: 100-240Vac 50-60 Hz

• Power Factor: PF >0.95

• Output channels: 16 (4 channels x 4 groups)

• Output voltage: 48 Vdc

• Output current: 700mA max (per channel)

• Max power: 600 W

Distance between Drivenet and projectors

• Max 100 m*

* Max projectors distance for FOS 100 and HELIOS R fixtrures must be 50 m
FOS 100


• Output: Screw terminals connectors

• Mains: PowerCON male panel connector

• DMX: XLR 5-pole In/Out panel connectors


• Protocols: RDM / DMX 512

• Art-Net: Available on request

• Touch-screen color display

• Internal operating system updatable via DTS dongle firmware uploader


• 2-unit rack
• Weigth: 6.9 Kg (15.2 lbs)

Accessories included

• 8 pins screw terminals connector (already plugged on the unit) (code 0508B084) *Quantity is based on the of the outputs number

• 1 x XLR 5 pins female cable connector (code 0508B065)

• 1 x XLR 5 pins male cable connector (code 0508B066)

• 1 x PowerCON female cable connector (code 0520P014)