ELC dmXLAN nodes & switches (NL)

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dmXLAN V4 Can be used to configure all the ELC Nodes and Switches, as well as to monitor the dmXLAN network. Use it also to control and test lighting fixtures connected to the dmXLAN network, independent of the brand of consoles and lighting fixtures used.

The Latest version of dmXLAN introduces the RDM-QR addressing with a mobile device
Download iOS app
Download Android app

There is a Youtube playlist available with lots of videos explaining all the functions of dmXLAN in detail:



Configure all the dmXLAN Nodes in the network from a single application
Take control over all the connected fixtures, run macros like "Lamp on"
Discover all the connected RDM devices and changer their properties
Monitor all the universes

Date et heure
11 mai 2023
13:00 16:30 Europe/Brussels

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D'Helst 21
9280 Lebbeke
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