LumenRadio CRMX Slim TX - IP65 DMX Transmitter

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    Internal Reference: LUM-800-5101
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    CRMX Slim TX is an IP65 rated DMX transmitter for one DMX universe of up to 512 channels at maximum refresh rate. Multiple CRMX Slim TX units can be used together to transmit multiple DMX universes, allowing for easy system expansion. CRMX Slim TX is the smallest available wireless lighting control product rated for true outdoor use. It can easily be mounted inside light poles, or any other place where space is constrained.

    Based on our advanced CRMX technology, the CRMX Slim TX brings you all the advanced features such as Automated Cognitive Coexistence, DMX fidelity, lowest latency in the industry at 5ms, 128 bit encryption and much more. Multiple CRMX Slim TX units can be combined to transmit several DMX universes, allowing easy system expansion. The CRMX Slim TX is compatible with all other CRMX products, both indoor and outdoor, DMX and RDM.

    CRMX Slim TX supports DALI and DSI making it a part of the first product range for wireless DALI/DSI truly designed to operate in any environment. The built-in DMX to DALI/DSI converter is easily configured over RDM.

    • Single Universe Flex unit
    • DMX512-A support
    • Up to 1000 meter link range
    • 5 ms latency
    • Automated Cognitive Coexistence
    • Forward Error Correction