DMX sequence player in DIN cabinet

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Internal Reference: ELC-AC612DIN
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Based on the AC612 XUB 12-memory push-button unit, this DIN-rail mounted version has contact closure terminals for each memory/chase making it ideal for system integration. A USB connection is provided for programming, and the versatile design incorporates a programmable DMX merger.

Article number: ELC-AC612DIN


  • Captures data from DMX data signal
  • 12 Memories of 512 DMX channels, individually recalled by contact closures
  • Each memory can be a scene or a chase (total desk capacity is 126 chase steps)
  • Stores chaser step length and times
  • DIN rail mounted
  • Hardwired connections for keyboard functions
  • Allows custom buttons and switches for system integration projects
  • AC612 editor freeware provides programming functions