General Terms and Conditions of Sale

The customer will be deemed to have assented to all general terms and conditions of sale contained herein. In the event of contradictory selling conditions, our conditions shall apply, unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing.

  1. Purchase orders
    The offers and purchase orders shall be binding solely to the extent that these are confirmed in writing and signed by a duly authorized representative of seller. At the conclusion of a transaction, the customer agrees to take delivery of ordered goods. In the event of an order on demand, the customer agrees to take delivery of the goods within the fixed term. If, after summons, delivery of any part of an order is not taken within the time limit for acceptance, we reserve the right to send the goods on our own initiative and to require the full payment of the order. Customer’s cancellation shall entitle seller to require either the acceptance of the delivery and the payment in full of the goods, or to recover damages equal to 25% of the price for the goods.

  2.  Delivery period
    Delivery periods are not binding. Under no circumstances, delays in delivery shall entitle the customer to cancel the order nor to recover damages.

  3. Prices
    All prices set out in our price lists, catalogues and offers do not include Value Added Tax. Our prices are subject to change due to market fluctuations and to the exchange rate. They will be finally determined on the day of delivery to the customer.

  4. Shipment/ transportation
    The customer will be deemed to take delivery of the goods in our stockroom. The goods are transported at the risk of customer, even when delivered free of charge. The goods are not insured during the transportation. A transport insurance shall be provided only upon express written demand of the customer. Urgent shipments shall always be at the expense of the purchaser. Goods to be delivered abroad, are always shipped ex-warehouse, as well as paper consumables.

  5. Acceptance
    Signature by the customer of the acknowledgement of receipt implies acceptance of the goods. Any complaint must be notified to seller by registered mail within eight days after the date of delivery to be valid.

  6.  Retention of title clause
    By way of derogation from Articles 1138 and 1583 of the Belgian Civil Code, the ownership of the goods shall not pass to Customer unless and until seller has received payment in full for the goods. If the customer should be in payment default towards us and if we should have demanded payment by registered mail, we are entitled, with a following registered letter, to take repossession of the delivered goods and rescind the original contract as of right.

  7. Invoicing
    Any order below € 250 generates, besides the transportation charges, a fixed administrative fee of € 10. We reserve the right to bill the delivered goods, even if the delivery was not complete.

  8. Payment of invoices
    All payments of our invoices shall be made upon delivery and at the address of the seller in the currency of the invoice. The seller reserves the right to require a payment in advance if such is deemed necessary.

  9. Payment default
    In the event of default in payment of an invoice on the due date, all other invoices shall become due immediately and seller shall be enabled, at its option, to rescind all agreements. In the event of a formal notice for default, a fixed compensation of 20% will be claimed, with a minimum amount of € 125. Moreover, interest on arrears will be calculated at the rate of 12% per year and will be charged in monthly fractions from the date of invoice.

  10. Bills, cheques, mandates or receipts do not induce renewal of debt nor deviations of the general terms and conditions.

  11. Jurisdiction
    Since the obligations in dispute are enforceable in Dendermonde, only the Courts of the District of Dendermonde shall have jurisdiction over all disputes arising from this agreement.