SP218U-XL- 8 way DMX512 Splitter/Booster/Merger/Retimer


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    Interne referentie: STA-SP218U-XL
    Technische Fiche:

    Splitter/Booster SP218U-XL

    The current versions of our approved SP218UXL are executed now in matt clear-anodized as all our 19" (483mm) equipment.

    The SP218U-XL has two groups of modes. Subdivided into six Splitter/Booster and seven Merger modes. In Splitter/Booster mode one DMX512 universe can be be distributed and strengthened into eight outputs or two DMX512 universes into four outputs each. All inputs and outputs are fully isolated against each other and ground lifted. ! IN A to Out 1 and IN B to Out 5 can be configured also differently.

    In merger mode two universes are mixed to HTP (highest takes precendce or) LTP (last takes precedence). The result then reaches the Splitter/ Booster. There is one special merger mode, that can block a DMX512 universe on IN B. To do this a preselected channel of IN A must reach a value of 60%. The following Neutrik plug connectors stand by the choice. XLR 5pin, 3pin and RJ45. To change the installation variants as necessary the design uses seperate 19" flanges.

    New funktions:

    • A ReTimer to adjust DMX512 timing to one to three outputs.
    • An adjustable merger start address and locking address to IN B.
    • It is possible now to hold a direct connection between IN A and OUT 1 and IN B to OUT 5 after power  is on. DMX512 THRU.
    • Two DMX512 lines can be led about plug connector of Input A.
    • Testfunktions for single channel check independent from Input signal.
    • Record a cue for replay on DMX error. (in preparation).
    • USB connector for viewing a DMX512 universe and different errors (option).


    Table of the modes:

    • Splitter & Booster 1 to 8 with mit accident switchover, IN A / B (no data processing)
    • Splitter & Booster 2 lines to 4 out each (no data processing)
    • active Splitter & Booster with defined behavior on input error (idle mode, hold value, ...)
    • Merger, both inputs are combined by the HTP or LTP process.
    • Merger LTP with / without hyteresis, aktion only at changes > 3 digit
    • lock input B if channel 512 line A = 255* digit (adjustable), basic function A -HTP-B
    • lock input B if channel 512 line A = 255* digit (adjustable), basic function A -LTP-B
    • adjustable startaddress of Merger IN B
    • * adjustable locking address
    • ReTimer for DMX512 timing adjustments
    • Testfunktions
    • record a cue
    • low delay, passive approx. 4µs, aktive max. 20ms


    Size: 19“ (483mm), 1HE (44mm) x 220mm