DSP16 16 ch. relayboard 42V/2A SPDT, plug connectors


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    Interne referentie: STA-DSP16-snap
    Technische Fiche:

    Switchboard DSP16

    DMX512 controls 16 relays with SPDT contacts, comfortable Installtion with plug connector and LED display per channel.

    The DSP16 is a 16 channel relay switchboard controlled by DMX512. Each of the 16 relays is able to switch a maximum of 42V/2A =/~ inrush and continous current. The connection is carried out with plug connectors for every channel. For better control of the switching condition the new DSP16 version has a LED per channel. Next to the base functions, "one DMX channel for one relay", even further modes can be chosen by a DIP switch.
    In the course of the revision of the DSP16 the power supply was enlarged for mains voltages between 85V and 264V ~. A direct voltage supply between 10V and 30V dc is also deliverable. 

    Examples of modes :

    1.  16 ON / OFF switches, each relay corresponds to one DMX channel and will be switched on at a value greater than 60% and will be switched off at a value less than 40%. A hysteresis of 3% (7digits) to 2% (4 digits) is available, too.
    2. 16 push-buttons, every relay is switched on for 1 second . Hysteresis same as 1)The modes 1) or 2) can be selected for mutual locking (channel 1-2, 3-4, ...). (Open / close of motorized blinds)
    3. Control of color changers, one DMX channel controlling 4 relays. All 4 relays are switched individually, subsequently and depending on the DMX value. Relay 1 will switch on at a value > 20 %, at > 40 %, relay 1 will be switched off and relay 2 takes over. Corresponding at the values 60% and 80%. A value less than 20% turns all relays off.
    4. Motorized curtain Close,(Stop),Open, 3 relays controlled by one DMX channel. "Single fader control"
    5. as 4. but Open / Close single impulse


    Furthermore, the operating mode in case of DMX failure can be determined: hold the last value or black all. The DMX start address [001 - 512] is set in a decimal mode via the rotary switches. Other addresses can activate the test mode or mute the DSP16. Two further LEDs (power on & DMX signal) indicate the operation status of the DSP16. The ac power supply and the DMX input also are equipped with plug connectors. A DMX512 termination is available, too.

    • external rotary- & push button codeswitches
    • ree for functions and interfaces specified by customer (e.g. MIDI, ASCII, ...)
    • DIN-rail mounting option - SNAP


    Supply voltage: 85 -264V, 47-65Hz
    Interface: DMX512-1990, optical isolated
    Dimensions: 160 x 100 x 55 mm
    Weight: 280g