LumenRadio Galileo TX DIN-rail transmitter

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    Interne referentie: LUM-800-2312
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    Galileo makes your next installation project easier than ever by providing reliable Wireless DMX in an install friendly form factor. Powered by LumenRadio's reliable CRMX for Wireless DMX, it enhances creativity and reduces installation costs in all permanent installation projects. By using either DIN-rail cabinets or IP rated enclosures, Galileo is suitable for all Indoor and Outdoor installation projects where reliability is a requirement.

    Based on our trusted CRMX technology, Galileo brings you all the advanced features such as Cognitive Coexistence, 5ms fixed latency, 128 bit encryption, error correction and much more. Multiple Galileo units can be combined to transmit several DMX universes, allowing easy system expansion. It is also compatible with all other CRMX and W-DMX products available on the market. Monitoring and configuration can easily be done as RDM is supported in all Galileo devices, as well as Bluetooth connectivity for configuration.

    To make planning easier, a repeater functionality can be added to any Galileo RX device using an in-app upgrade. This allows for quick improvements of the signal to places where reception needs an extra boost. The improved repeater functionality also allows for multiple repeater hops, providing coverage over vast distances.

    Linking Key
    With user defined security keys the ability to clone transmitters is now at your fingertips. This feature allows for improved redundancy and reduces time for troubleshooting or repairs.

    Using RDM (Remote Device Management) available in Galileo you are able to configure and monitor fixtures and receiver devices, both wired and wireless, using any RDM controller. At a later stage this can also be done with the CRMX Toolbox App using the Bluetooth connectivity.


    • Single Universe Transmitter
    • Transmit CRMX Classic or W-DMX G3 / G4S
    • DMX512-A and RDM support
    • Bluetooth configuration via App
    • RDM proxy
    • DIN-rail form factor


    Supported Protocols TX

    DMX / RDM

    CRMX Classic

    W-DMX G3 / G4S

    Bluetooth 5.0


    RF Characteristics

    2402-2480 MHz frequency

    7 – 280 mW output power

    5ms latency

    128-bit encryption

    Forward Error Correction



    DIN-rail 2 module width

    RP-SMA antenna connector

    12-24 VDC/VAC pluggable screw terminal

    DMX/RDM 3 pin pluggable screw terminal 


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