GreenGo Stride Antenna

Available from October 2024!

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Interne referentie: GGO-STRIDEDAE
Technische Fiche:


By synchronising the antenna's, we can take the step to utilise the full potential of the DECT spectrum. This gives the possibility to seamlessly roam current WBPX beltpacks across the new Stride Antenna.

Furthermore, it allows higher DECT device density, allowing more WBPX to be used simultaneously in the same area. 

Green-GO has also invested greatly in developing tools for intercom technicians to give insights in the utilisation of the DECT spectrum and RF coverage, enabling technicians to diagnose and understand possible culprits early.


  • Compatible with WBPX wireless beltpacks
  • True Seamless roaming, all beltpacks in a pool can freely move between all antenna's
  • Up to 5 simultaneous WBPX connections to one antenna
  • Pools with up to 100 wireless beltpacks
  • Pools with up to 250 Stride Antenna's
  • User interface with e-ink display for information and configuration
  • RGB LED for device status
  • Outdoor rated housing, IP53
  • Various mounting options, 3/8", M10 and VESA
  • Dect antenna analyser mode to see and analyse the DECT spectrum utilisation
  • Extended RF monitor on Wireless beltpack and in Green-GO control

Technical Infos:

  • Power: USB-C (5v DC) or PoE (802af)
  • Consumption: 10W
  • Size: 140x140x53mm
  • Weight: 360g
  • IP Rating: iP53