DT2210FI 2 in 10 out 19” splitter full isolated, RDM Compatible


(XLR-3 pin optional)

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Interne referentie: ELC-DT2210_FI
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The DT2210 is a 19” rackmount DMX splitter supporting the bidirectional extension to the DMX protocol to accommodate Remote Device Management (RDM).

The DT2210 is used in larger DMX networks where more than simple daisy-chain connections between multiple DMX devices (to a maximum of 32 devices) are needed. DT2210 splitter (hub) boosts the signal to create a ‘star’ network of 10 additional DMX lines from a choice of two DMX inputs. Outputs are grouped in pairs that can be selected to input A or B by pressing the adjacent panel push button. All outputs are fully galvanic-isolated.

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  • 2 DMX inputs each with DMX thru (parallel) to 5 pairs of DMX outputs selectable to A or B inputs (10 outputs total)
  • Remote Device Management (RDM) compatible
  • All DMX/RDM outputs are boosted signals (connect up to 32 devices per output)
  • Optocoupler isolation for inputs and outputs
  • Bi-colour LEDs confirm presence of viable DMX signal for inputs A and B
  • USB connection for firmware updates