DTS - Soprano 3 HQS LED Engine


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    Interne referentie: 03.TSP000.49
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    Ellipsoidal projector with interchangeable optics and multi-chip LED source.
    High performance and low noise.


    multi chip LED Source

    interchangeable optics

    superior white light quality and precise color rendering

    extensive colour palette, wide range of pastel colors

    linear CCT

    noise management

    Green – Magenta linear balance,
    for a natural reproduction of any skin tone

    Technical data

    SOPRANO 3 HQS is the new ellipsoidal fixture in the DTS portfolio. The product features an innovative Italian design and a zoom barrel that can be applied to any LED source in the Soprano range. Thanks its multi-chip source, this conventional projector offers superior light quality, both white, with an optimal color rendering up to 98, and in color creation.
    As for their framing system, the four blades equipped on Soprano’s optics are fixed within the body of the barrel itself so that the user can never lose them. Framing distortion is at a minimum, with a projection quality that rivals any modern spot/profile moving head.
    To meet the needs of theater and television locations, Tenore allows noise control with 4 fan management modes up to 22dBA.


    • Multi chip LED Source

    • Lumens output: 5,100 lm
    (Optical group 15-30)

    • Lumens output: 6,100 lm
    (Optical group 25-50)

    • CRI: up to 98

    • TLCI: up to 96

    • LED Lifespan:20,000 hours
    (70% lumen output)

    Optical group

    • Changeable optics (Led engine and
    optical group are sold separately)

    • Optical Group 15-30
    - 15°-30° linear zoom

    • Optical Group 25-50
    - 21°-46° linear zoom

    Framing system

    • Framing system composed of 4 symmetric blades
    Blades are integrated in the optical
    group (not removable)

    • Blades operate on three discrete planes

    • 64° full system rotation (+/- 32°)


    • Ø external (ED): 80 mm + 0.2/-0.2 mm

    • Ø of image (ID): 50 mm

    • Thickness: from 0.2 to 1.5 mm

    Color & White generation

    • 6-color LED engine

    • Linear CCT (1800 K - 10000 K)

    • Linear ‘Green saturation’

    • 100 gel filters emulation:
    - Linear crossfade from gel filters emulation to CCT whites
    - Linear crossfade between emulated gel filters
    - True color of gel filters emulation at any CCT values

    • “Raw” RGBACL color-mixing in Advanced’ mode


    • ‘Hi-Q Dimming’ technology – guarantees a perfect linearity in the increase / attenuation of brightness of multi-chip LED sources, even at low dimming levels, without visible ‘steps’ between adjacent values

    • Tungsten emulation - CCT variation emulates behavior of Halo-lamps


    • LCD graphic display + Jog Shuttle

    • RDM/DMX 512 protocols

    • ‘Standard’, ‘Silent’, ‘Ultra Silent’ and
    ‘Automatic’ fan modes Noise level

    - Standard: 24dBA @ 1m
    (normal operation, 100% power)

    - Silent: 23dBA @ 1m
    (normal operation, 100% power)

    - Ultra Silent: 22dBA @ 1m
    (normal operation, 91% power)

    - Automatic: fans adapt to operational
    status (output power priority)

    • Firmware updatable via DTS firmware
    uploader dongle


    • 5 DMX modes:

    CCT (Default) - Correlated Color Temperature
    Advanced - Correlated Color Temperature + Raw control for color channels RGBACL
    Basic - Correlated Color Temperature with priority on Gel Library and RGBACL color
    Expo - Dimmer 8 bit; Correlated Color Temperature priority on Gel Library
    CMY Emulation - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and CTO emulation Mode

    Power supply

    • Wide range100/240 Vac 50-60 Hz

    • Power consumption: 190 W max / 230Vac

    • Power Factor: PF >0.94


    • DMX: XLR 5 pole In/Out panel connectors

    • Power supply: PowerCON TRUE1 In/Out panel connectors

    Circuits protections

    Overvoltage and overtemperature circuits protection

    Operating temperature

    -10° / 45° C

    Storage temperature

    -20° / 60° C


    • IP20

    • LED engine weight:
    - 6.8 Kg (15 lbs)

    • Optical group weight:
    - 15-30: 5.2 Kg (11.5 lbs)
    - 25-50: 5.9 Kg (13 lbs)

    • Finishing: Black

    Accessories included

    • 1x PowerCON TRUE1 female cable connector (code 0520P066)

    • 1x XLR 5 pins female cable connector (code 0508B147)

    • 1x XLR 5 pins male cable connector (code 0508B148)

    • 1x Filter frame Black finishing - already installed on the projector (code 02M093424.49)

    Accessories on request

    • Gobo holder (code 03.TA229)

    • Gobo Holder + Filter Soft Edge (03.TA230)

    • Iris/Diaphram (code 03.TA228)

    • Barndoor 4 leaf Black finishing (code 03.TBD06.49)

    • Barndoor 8 leaf Black finishing (code 03.TBD08.49)

    • Outdoor DMX cable 2 x 0,25 mm2 - Flame retardant (code 0509C158)

    • Aliscaf clamp for Ø 48-51 mm tube-max load 100 Kg 8code 0521A033)

    • Professional G-QUICK clamp - max load 100 Kg (code 0521A037)

    • Safety cable 3 x 600 mm - BGV-C1 certified (code 0521A049)
    - Single stranded: Max 20 Kg (44 lbs)
    - Double stranded: Max 30 Kg (66 lbs)

    • Safety cable for Barndoor / FIlterframe - Ø 0,8mm (code 0521A048)

    • DTS firmware uploader dongle (code 03.LA.206)