MagicQ Extra Wing Compact

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    Interne referentie: CHAMEXTRAWINGCOMPACT
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    MagicQ Extra Wing Compact

    The Extra Wing Compact is designed to allow users of MagicQ to extend the number of physical playbacks available to them. It has a total of 24 playbacks. Made up of 12 fader and 12 executable playbacks.

    Each section of playbacks can page through multiple playbacks via its own Next and Previous page buttons. The 12 playback faders feature Flash, Go and Select buttons, while the other 12 are more space-saving, employing one a Select and Execute button for each playback. All playbacks feature LCD displays for playback legending directly above each playback.

    The Extra Wing Compact is a modular expansion device for the ChamSys MagicQ console series. It features an internal USB hub which enables multiple Extra Wings to be connected together. Other rear panel connections include a locking Neutrik Powercon connector, a USB socket for connection to the main MagicQ system, and a working light socket. 


    • 12 Playback Faders
    • 12 Playback Execute Buttons
    • Full Electronic Legending
    • Connect to MagicQ Compact and Full Size Consoles
    • Connect to MagicQ PC or Mac
    • Up to 8 Wings per System
    • Dual Playback Sections
    • Split Playback Pages
    • Separate Page Up/Down Buttons
    • USB Connection
    • Dimmable LED Desk Lamp
    • Built in PSU
    • Designed and manufactured in the UK

    MagicQ Software

    MagicQ software offers powerful lighting control with loads of features that lighting designers have some to rely on, such as full lighting visualisation, pixel mapping, and HD media playback on up to 8 different layers, all integrated smoothly to streamline workflows, save time, and shorten learning curve.

    Hardware Specifications:

    • Fader Playbacks: 12
    • Execute Button Playbacks: 12
    • Total Number of Playbacks: 24 (12+12)
    • Electronic Playback Legends: Yes
    • Buttons: 64
    • USB Ports: 3 (2 output, 1 input)
    • Kengsington Security Lock Fixing: Yes
    • Working Light Port: Yes
    • Power Input, Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 110 to 240 VAC

    Boxed Weights and Dimensions:

    • Width: 650mm (25.5 inches)
    • Depth: 350mm (13.7 inches)
    • Height: 220mm (8.6 inches)
    • Weight: 8kg (17 lb)

    Console Weights and Dimensions:

    • Width: 515mm (20.2 inches)
    • Depth: 257mm (10.1 inches)
    • Height (To back): 88mm (3.4 inches)
    • Height (To faders): 84mm (3.3 inches)
    • Weight: 6kg (13.2 lb)

    Software Specifications:

    • Universes: 64
    • Max Number of DMX Channels: 32768
    • Max Number of Fixtures Supported: 32768
    • Max Number of Cues: 5000
    • Max Number of Cue Stacks: 2000
    • Max Number of Groups: 5000
    • Max Number of Palettes: 4096
    • Number of Media Server Layers Supported: 50 (Each different content)

    Included Accessories:

    • USB A-B Cable: 1
    • Dual Colour Desk lights: 1
    • Dust cover: 1
    • Neutrik powerCON TRUE1 Power Cable: 1

    Flight Cased Weights and Dimensions:

    • Width: 650mm (25.5 inches)
    • Depth: 350mm (13.7 inches)
    • Height: 220mm (8.6 inches)
    • Weight (console in flightcase): 12kg (26.4 lb)