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PHOS 20 LED Projector - 1700 lumens, kleur zilver

Artikel: 3636010023 - 20000130-silver

LED Projector: 

A New Light Source for Projection Systems
No other light source can match the efficiency of an LED, the acronym for Light Emitting Diode. An LED generates light without UV and infrared radiation. It also guarantees durability up to 30.000 operating hours by low energy consumption and a compact style. The expenses of purchase amortise themselves fast. The first light emitting semiconductor crystals were generated in 1962. Since then a technical development progresses, which lets us expect a doubling of the light yield every two years.


Compact Elegance
The LED Projector is especially qualified for the lighting of food, for using in museums, wellness and therapy areas, where a noiseless operation with low heat generating is essential. The dust and water resistant *appliance is intended for indoor as well as outdoor use. The design was developed out of a few elementary forms and convinces with its explicit harmonious style that can be adapted uncomplicatedly to modern interior furnishings. The projection motif can be changed without any tool. To bring the motif into focus, the lens ring is rotated. 

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