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Big Intelli Monochroom PCB

Big Intelli Monochroom PCB
Big Intelli Monochroom PCB
Article: 3535050420 - 302.0026

DMX LED control for large and small applications.

We had a desire for a long time, to improve the output power of our small Intelligenz card. We’ve now realised that desire and added a few extra features into the bargain.

The Big Intelli works like a single Long Distance Controller output and can drive up to 22 LED strips B25-250. Depending upon the application there is also a version with XLR connectors for direct connection to our System Power Supply 4 and versions with either one or three potentiometers. To drive either single colour or RGB installations without the need for an external DMX source. External potentiometers may be attached for remote control.

If the potentiometers are active, then these control not just the modulation of the converter but the DMX output of the Big Intelli thus allowing other modules with a DMX receiver to be controlled. Compatible housings will be available shortly.

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