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The new conventional projector with Fresnel or PC lens,
multi-chip source and Italian design.
High performance and low noise.


multi chip LED Source

Ø 130 mm Fresnel or PC lens

superior white light quality and precise color rendering

extensive colour palette, wide range of pastel colors

linear CCT

noise management

Green – Magenta linear balance,
for a natural reproduction of any skin tone

Technical data

TENORE 3 is the un-conventional evolution to the conventional series of static LED lights.
Thanks its multi-chip source, this conventional projector offers superior light quality, both white, with an optimal color rendering up to 98, and in color creation. The HQS mark (High Quality Spectrum - DTS trademark) is for DTS a guarantee of the ability to generate quality whites, a wider color palette with a range of pastel shades and rich warm nuances.
Furthermore, with a power consumption of 190 W and 4,500 lumen output, Tenore 3 represents a perfect example of uncompromising professional lighting performance.
To meet the needs of theater and television locations, Tenore allows noise control with 4 fan management modes up to 22dBA.


• Multi chip LED Source

• Lumens output: 4,500 lm
(Fresnel lens)

• Lumens output: 2,700 lm (PC lens)

• CRI: up to 98

• TLCI: up to 96

• LED Lifespan: 20,000 hours
(70% lumen output)

Optical group

• Ø 130 mm Fresnel lens or Antihalo (PC) lens

• Linear zoom
- 12° - 68° with Frensel lens
- 7° - 45° with PC lens

Color & White generation

• 6-color LED engine

• Linear CCT (1800 K - 10000 K)

• Linear ‘Green saturation’

• 100 gel filters emulation:
- Linear crossfade from gel filters emulation to CCT whites
- Linear crossfade between emulated gel filters
- True color of gel filters emulation at any CCT values

• “Raw” RGBACL color-mixing in Advanced’ mode


• ‘Hi-Q Dimming’ technology – guarantees a perfect linearity in the increase / attenuation of brightness of multi-chip LED sources, even at low dimming levels, without visible ‘steps’ between adjacent values

• Tungsten emulation - CCT variation emulates behavior of Halo-lamps


• LCD graphic display + Jog Shuttle

• RDM/DMX 512 protocols

• ‘Standard’, ‘Silent’, ‘Ultra Silent’ and ‘Automatic’ fan modes

• Noise level
Standard: 24dBA @ 1m (normal operation, 100% power)
Silent: 23dBA @ 1m (normal operation, 100% power)
Ultra Silent: 22dBA @ 1m (normal operation, 91% power)
Automatic: fans adapt to operational status (output power priority)

• Firmware updatable via DTS firmware uploader dongle


• 5 DMX modes:

CCT (Default) - Correlated Color Temperature
Advanced - Correlated Color Temperature + Raw control for color channels RGBACL
Basic - Correlated Color Temperature with priority on Gel Library and RGBACL color
Expo - Dimmer 8 bit; Correlated Color Temperature priority on Gel Library
CMY Emulation - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and CTO emulation Mode

Power supply

• Wide range100/240 Vac 50-60 Hz

• Power consumption: 190 W max / 230Vac

• Power Factor: PF >0.94


• DMX: XLR 5 pole In/Out panel connectors

• Power supply: PowerCON TRUE1 In/Out panel connectors

Circuits protections

Overvoltage and overtemperature circuits protection

Operating temperature

-10° / 45° C

Storage temperature

-20° / 60° C


• IP20

• Weight:
- FR - 7.7 Kg (17 lbs)
- PC - 8.5 Kg (18.7 lbs)

• Finishing: Black

Accessories included

• 1x PowerCON TRUE1 female cable connector (code 0520P066)

• 1x XLR 5 pins female cable connector (code 0508B147)

• 1x XLR 5 pins male cable connector (code 0508B148)

• 1x Filter frame Black finishing - already installed on the projector (code 02M093424.49)

Accessories on request

• Barndoor 4 leaf Black finishing (code 03.TBD06.49)

• Barndoor 8 leaf Black finishing (code 03.TBD08.49)

• Outdoor DMX cable 2 x 0,25 mm2 - Flame retardant (code 0509C158)

• Aliscaf clamp for Ø 48-51 mm tube-max load 100 Kg 8code 0521A033)

• Professional G-QUICK clamp - max load 100 Kg (code 0521A037)

• Safety cable 3 x 600 mm - BGV-C1 certified (code 0521A049)
- Single stranded: Max 20 Kg (44 lbs)
- Double stranded: Max 30 Kg (66 lbs)

• Safety cable for Barndoor / FIlterframe - Ø 0,8mm (code 0521A048)

• DTS firmware uploader dongle (code 03.LA.206)