Brightsign HD225 Built for interactivity & 4K

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    Interne referentie: BRS-HD225
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    Introducing the all-new BrightSign HD5, a player that enables experiences beyond the screen. This state-of-the-art device is specifically designed to support interactivity, 4K60p HDR10 video, and demanding HTML5 animations. Its versatile I/O set facilitates the installation and control of interactive peripherals such as touch screens, proximity sensors, and buttons. Additionally, it supports UDP and serial commands to manage environmental elements like lighting and conference room routing. Integrated partner solutions offer networks of players that can provide audience measurement, monetization, and analytics data to a centralized dashboard. The device’s patented aluminum enclosure and slim form factor ensure reliable operation even in harsh conditions. With its full range of I/O connections, superior 4K video quality, and advanced HTML performance, the BrightSign HD5 is the ideal choice for engaging experiences that captivate your audience.