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Wireless Pro RDM Kit - 1x sender + 2x receiver (Indoor)

Artikel: 0707010016 - 800-3000

The offer includes 1 x IN-RFX1 CRMX Nova FX RDM and 2 x IN-RRX1 CRMX Nova RX RDM, making it a perfect package for a complete wireless DMX RDM system. Normal price: 1.970 euro excl. VAT.

LumenRadio special offer - Pro RDM Package

Aimed towards the ‘Pro’ user, our special RDM Package comes with our award winning CRMX Nova FX RDM transceiver and two Nova RX RDM receivers. The Nova FX RDM transmitter is a Flex product, meaning that it can be configured either as a transmitter or receiver and it supports one DMX/RDM universe of up to 512 channels with maximum refresh rate. The extensive support for Ethernet based protocols, combined with the power of the Flex platform, makes it a true Swiss army knife for lighting professionals.


In transmitter mode, all supported Ethernet protocols can be used in any direction, both as input and output. When used together with our prized CRMX SuperNova RDM system management software lighting professionals have an extremely powerful tool on their hands!


Pro Package Details:

1 x IN-RFX1 CRMX Nova FX RDM (800-3001)
2 x IN-RRX1 CRMX Nova RX RDM (800-2001)


The list price for these three items are €1,970 excl. VAT, however we are able to offer you this complete kit at the amazingly low price of €1158,34 excl. VAT!

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