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WE4 - 4W White LED 3000K inc. chrome ring and single driver

Artikel: 3333000015 - WE4-P-R

WE4 White LED Down Light AVR bring together ultra efficiency and defining effect into one reliable long lasting fitting. The all new WE4 introduced to the marketplace by AVR has shown what can be done through experience, innovation, drive and dedicated research and development. Benefit from efficiency, defining effect, Uk manufactured quality and longevity with a 3 year guarantee. The WE4 delivers and with the ongoing need to save energy and save money the WE4 is the ideal solution, its UK's best low cost lighting solution.

More choice for you.

Choose from 3 source temperatures: Warm (3K), Neutral (4K, Standard Option) and Cool (5K). Take advantage of the WE4 today and save for tomorrow. AVR save more.

See below for choice of WE4 options. Specifications Physical Power consumption: 4.8 W Weight: 120 grams Housing Diameter: 77mm outer flange Body Size: 40mm x 43mm (40mm side for ease of application within housing) Overall Length: 90mm (70mm full length with 20mm room for Rj45 end cable) Construction Housing: Aluminium / Black composite Number of LEDs: 4 on chip Led type: Cree Lens: 25 degree as standard with 40 degree option available Features Beam: Cool beam, safe to touch Lumen maintenance: 70% @ 50k hours Rear mounted flying lead: 1.5 metre flex / RJ45 4 LEDs on chip for (at source) advanced colour rendering. Controllability Drivers:
LUD192 drives 48 WE4 down lights
LUD48 drives 12 WE4 down lights
Installation Internal usage: Can be fitted in to ceilings to provide a Warm(3K) Neutral(4K) or Cool (5K) white wash. Cut out hole: 60-64mm (MR16 mount holes) Mount: Mounted using included shiny chrome housing, simply hold back spring clips and insert into hole cutout. Included Items Installation Guide Shiny chrome housing as standard