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WBPXSP - GreenGo 32 channels Wireless Beltpack -Sport versio

Artikel: 1010010031 - GGO-WBPXSP

Multi-Channel Wireless Beltpack

The Green-GO communications system is a Ethernet network based digital intercom system. Users can talk to multiple groups and/or direct to other users. Talking to a group can be compared to the analogue party-line or ring. A direct user talk is a private conversation.

There is NO central matrix or routing engine required for the system, so it scalesas it is needed by just adding devices to the network. An extra advantage of having no central unit, there is no single point of failure. Audio distribution, like program audio, can be easily injected in to the system and send to a group. The audio can then be picked up by any device on the network that is interested in it.

The Green-GO Wireless Belt-pack is based on the DECT technology. A full-colour OLED high- resolution display provides text information, cue signals, and shows the functions of the 4 buttons. With the Green-Go Wireless System, 1 antenna can serve 4 belt-packs, and each belt-pack can be connected to 4 antennas. Two rotary encoders, one on either side of the unit to suit both right and left handed users, are push-able toanswer the latest audio source. They can also be programmed to control various other functions, for example one for level
and one for channel selection. Four push buttons can be configured to provide instant access up to four channels. All matrix data is held within the belt-pack, which is powered via a supplied battery.

Headphone/microphone set (not supplied) connects via a 4-pin XLR4 panel connector.