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sportFM3-5 Complete intercom system for 5 users

Artikel: 1111050020 - sportFM3-5

sportFM3 wireless FULL DUPLEX digital voice communication system. 5x beltpack, 5x headset (BL7 or BL7PTT), 5x arm band, 1x Plastic Case.

SportFM3 - Hands Free, Full-Duplex wireless voice communication system


Draadloos intercom/communicatie systeem voor scheidrechters, trainers, coaches,.. van alle soorten sporten.

Up to 5 users set. Ambient noise cancelation. Built-in voice recording system, option . Connection only with paired devices. Automatic of free channel selection. FULL DUPLEX voice. Digitally coded conversation. Range, depending on the conditions, up to 300 m. Simple operation, turn power ON only Battery life 8 hours. Extended working time with a micro USB power bank. Battery charge time 2 - 3 hours. Charger - mobile phone standard with mico USB plug. Dimension 70 x 48 x 10 mm. Weight only 45 g. Handset standard or configured as required with 3,5mm jack.

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