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SnakeSys B4 Four Universe Ethernet to DMX512 Box

SnakeSys B4 Four Universe Ethernet to DMX512 Box SnakeSys B4 Four Universe Ethernet to DMX512 Box SnakeSys B4 Four Universe Ethernet to DMX512 Box
SnakeSys B4 Four Universe Ethernet to DMX512 Box SnakeSys B4 Four Universe Ethernet to DMX512 Box SnakeSys B4 Four Universe Ethernet to DMX512 Box
Artikel: 3232060030 - 0300-0037

1 Network port - 4 DMX512 Outputs - 1 DMX512 Input - Configurable Mode, Subnet and Universe via rotary switches - DMX Buffer Mode - Power Over Ethernet or AC input 100 to 240V.

Four Universe Ethernet to DMX Box

Universal Ethernet to DMX Interface

Four DMX512 Ports (configurable as input or output)

One dedicated DMX512 input port

Art-Net and ACN support

Universe selectable by rotary switches

ChamNet remote configuration

Stand-alone DMX buffer mode

Can be powered by Power over Ethernet

The SnakeSys B4 is a four universe DMX to Ethernet convertor. It supports four DMX512 ports that are configurable as either inputs or outputs and one DMX port that is always assigned as an input.

The SnakeSys B4 is designed as a multi purpose box to be used in places where a small portable Ethernet to DMX conversion solution is required.

The SnakeSys B4 supports both Art-Net and Streaming ACN DMX network protocols. The DMX512 ports are fully configurable with DMX packet length, framing rate, and timings. In addition the SnakeSys B4 can operate in a non-network mode as a simple four port DMX buffer.

The SnakeSys B4 can be configured from the front panel using a 4-way DIP switch, and 2 rotary switches. In addition the interface can be set to ChamNet mode, where the SnakeSys B4 is configurable from the MagicQ console, avoiding the need for local configuration.

Multiple SnakeSys B4s can be used on a single network, either configured directly from the unit or by using ChamNet control from a MagicQ console. Mulriple SnakeSys B4s can be syncronised together to ensure that the DMX output from the console is consistent and does not involve "tearing" either within universes or across multiple universes.

The SnakeSys B4 can be powered from the SnakeSys R4 or SnakeSys RP8 thus avoiding the need to run separate power cables. Alternatively, the SnakeSys B4 can be powered directly from mains input on a locking Powercon connector.

When connected via network to MagicQ, the SnakeSys B4 unlocks the restricted features of MagicQ such as the full screen Execute Window and remote control.


Four DMX512 ports via female 5-pin XLR

One DMX512 dedicated input port via male 5-pin XLR

ArtNet, ACN Streaming DMX and ChamNet protocols

Isolated outputs

ArtNet subnet and universe selection via rotary switches

Power status LED

Network status indication LED

Protocol status LED

Individual output status LED

Locking Ethercon Network connector

Locking Powercon power connector


Input voltage: 90 to 250V AC

Width: 166mm

Depth: 168mm

Height: 60mm

Weight: 1kg

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