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Jean-Michel Jarre Vorige Naar overzicht Volgende

Jean-Michel Jarre is probably best known for his spectacular outdoor shows in London, Egypt and Houston.

For his latest tour he ventured indoors into Arenas for a more intimate feeling where the audience could get up close and really feel his music. Lighting and lasers were mixed together to create a spectacular visual show to complement the music with the band remaining the centre of attention.

Lighting was provided by EML Productions Belgium and designed by Arf & Yes Belgium. The lighting rig consisted of Varilite Spots and Washes, IPix BB4s and High End StudioPix. Behind the band, the lighting was arranged on five hydraulic lifts enabling each song to have a different look and feel, catching the mood.

Lighting Designer Glen Mollemans chose to program the lighting on a MagicQ MQ100 Pro together with a MagicQ Execute Wing.

MagicQ Pro easily handled the high channel count required by the channel hungry High End Show Pix. Glen used a ChamSys MIDI/Timecode interface to playback the more energetic numbers such as Equinoxe in exact synchronisation with the music. Glen found it easy to modify the timecode sequencing using ChamSys Cue Stack and Timecode Learn functions. Glen made extensive use of Cue Stack macros, programming individual FX, chases and Cues on the Execute Wing and then triggering them from the master playbacks.

Lighting design was by Ignace D'Haese of www.arfyes.com and operated by Glenn Mollemans, ww.qbe.be, pictured left, with the lighting provided by http://www.eml-productions.com/.

The MagicQ Execute Wing provides 48 additional Playbacks consisting of one bank of 12 Playbacks with faders and three banks of 12 Playbacks with buttons. Each of the four banks has separate paging. With dedicated Page Up and Page Down buttons.

In addition to use as Playbacks, the 72 buttons on the upper section support a multi-purpose 12 by 6 matrix of buttons all with individual button legending and LEDs, enabling advanced user configuration for control of media servers, moving lights and LED fixtures. Pressing and holding the dedicated MENU button brings up the choice of modes on the middle row of execute buttons. The modes include standard Playbacks, Execute, Media, Heads, Palettes, Cues, Cue Stacks, DMX Test and Head Test. The 6 Page Up and Page Down buttons in the matrix section enable paging and access to advanced functions in each of the modes. Changing of modes is possible at any time at the push of the MENU button - the LCD screens and LEDs immediately change to show the state of the buttons in the new mode whilst remembering the state in the previous modes.

Additional modes will be added to the MagicQ software as requested - making this the most flexible control matrix in the lighting industry!

The Execute mode maps the 72 buttons as the MagicQ Execute Windows - enabling complete user customisation of the buttons. Just like with the Execute Window, multiple different Execute windows can be designed and accessed through the button matrix. Changing between different Execute Windows is achieved using the Page Up and Page Down buttons.

The Media mode enables the 72 buttons to become Media access buttons just like in the Media Window -giving full access to media server attributes and providing hard buttons for selection of media server banks, media clips and media FX.

The Heads mode enables the 72 buttons to become a matrix of 72 head select buttons - really useful for larger lighting rigs where it can be difficult to quickly access the required fixtures.
Separate modes to enable single head or multiple head selection are available.

The Palettes mode automatically splits the Group, Position, Colour and Beam palettes across the 72 buttons - enabling direct access to groups of moving lights and their attributes. All groups and palettes are clearly legended for ease of use. The LEDs in the matrix indicate when the Groups and Palettes are active.

The DMX Test and Head Test modes enable simple testing of individual DMX channels or individual heads using the button matrix - each button representing a DMX channel or a complete head. Pressing the button runs a test on that particular channel or head. Latching and non latching modes are available.

Up to 4 Execute Wings can be connected to a MagicQ console via USB. The Execute Wing provides maximum flexibility with real button touches and electronic legending for ease of use and portability.