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  • LED
  • LED schermen
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Ice Age Live Vorige Naar overzicht Volgende

Painting With Light has designed lighting for the new "Ice Age Live" show, a vibrant stage adaptation of 20th Century Fox's ‘Ice Age' animation movies, featuring the same much loved characters and a new story.

The show - an intricate collage of magic, music, fantasy, acrobatics and action directed by Guy Caron - is scheduled to tour internationally for the next five years.

Painting With Light's Luc Peumans has worked on many other projects for producers Stage Entertainment, including the massively successful Holiday on Ice since 2005.Luc's starting point for the lighting design was knowing it needed a theatrical rather than a traditional ice show approach, and that the lighting had to be imaginative in its own right whilst complementing the video which creates a vast digital backdrop. Also considered is the 180 to 270 degrees arena viewing angles, offering a more open and wider vista than a standard theatre setting.

Lighting is vital to the storyline, and helps animate the characters, with the costumes taking light exceedingly well, together with the large inflatable rock-face set just downstage of the video screens. Sixty Robe LEDWash 1200 moving lights provide base and general wash lighting, and over 300 special gobos have been fitted to a variety of Clay Paky Alpha 1500 series units to help match and texturing the ice and the props.

It is an expedient lighting rig for the scale and complexity of the show, with each fixture being ‘multi-purpose' and worked really hard.

Painting With Light also supplied and programmed the Coolux Pandora's Box media server storing all the show's video content. This is interfaced with the Kinesys automation system that is moving the video panels for exits / entrances, so video is re-sized in real-time and fitted exactly to the available amount of LED surface at any time.

Working closely with its German manufacturer Coolux, Painting With Light additionally developed a completely new bespoke interface allowing the Pandora's Box to sync the character's voices - embedded in the soundtrack - to the mouth movements of the fabulous animatronic characters created by co-director Michael Curry.
Production: Stage Entertainment Touring Productions Creative Director: Guy Caron Character Visualisation Designer: Michael Curry Set Design: David Shields Sound Design: Jeroen ten Brinke Video Content Design: Jean-Luc Gason

Lighting Design: Luc Peumans Animatronics: Katleen Selleslagh Video Programming: Jo Vaes Lighting Programming: Paco Mispelters
Sound & Lighting equipment supplied by: Phlippo