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WP-SP - GreenGo 2 channels wallmount station w. speaker/mic

Artikel: 1010030030 - GGO-WP-SP

Wall panel outstations


Provides three levels of network integration: GWP-HS is a panel-mounted version of the GBP2 beltpack with direct access to 2 channels (which may be a single direct user or a group) with a headset/mic connection; GWP-SP has similar features but with an integrated loudspeaker and microphone in place of the XLR4 headset connector; and, GWP is for cue light display and acknowledgement only.


All versions have a large LCD display which is also a cue acknowledgement pushbutton, and has a RGB backlight and text display that provides a clear cue light warn/go and text display.


For GWP-HS and GWP-SP, a rotary encoder acts as a master volume control, and when pressed, the encoder answers the latest audio source.


Features include:

Operates with any other Green-GO beltpack or multichannel desk (no matrix required) Powered by Power Over Ethernet (suitable network power supply is needed e.g. Green-GO 5-port switch), no batteries required All interconnection routing data, system setup and preferences are held in local memory and updated via the network and is updated/replaced if a beltpack or a desk is changed or added

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