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MCR12 - GreenGo 12 channels 19" panel station

Artikel: 1010020020 - GGO-MCR12

12 channel rack-mounted Green-GO outstation.


The Green-GO MCR12 multi-channel 19" rack mounted panel provides individual pushbutton direct access to 12 communication channels, and two units may be linked in master/slave mode for a 24 channel outstation. Each channel has two multi-colour pushbuttons for ‘talk’ and ‘listen, call and cue’. Text displays for each channel give the outstation’s name and volume level. Soft menu buttons control the main operational master features, and the panel has an integral loudspeaker and microphone XLR connector.

Line in/out connections and routing are provided for show relay, distributed audio and paging announcements. An XLR3 stalk microphone socket and an XLR4 headset connector are provided on the front panel, and twin Ethernet ports with integral switch are at the rear.


Features include:

• Operates with any other Green-GO beltpack or multichannel desk (no matrix required).

• Provides distributed audio, show relay and paging system features.

• Front panel tilts upwards to improve viewing angle.

• Two MCR12 units may be connected in master/slave mode for 24 channels.

• Powered by Power over Ehernet or separate DC power supply.

• Includes 2 Ethernet LAN sockets with 100MBit switch

• All interconnection routing data, system setup and preferences are held in local memory and updated via the network and is updated/replaced if a multi-channel panel is changed or added to the network.

• Green-GO setup freeware may be downloaded from the Green-GO website.



Dimensions: 19" rack, 2U (483 x 88 x 110mm), 2.2kg

Power: Power over Ethernet, or optional external power supply

Connections: Front: XLR3 mic input, dynamic or phantom powered (12V), XLR4 headset connection Rear: 2 Neutrik

Ethercon RJ45 Ethernet, 1 line input (program in) and 1 line output on XLR3 (e.g. for stage announcements), USB connection, 2 switch contact in and 2 switch contact out on a sub D-9 connector.

Controls: 2 RGB backlit buttons per channel for talk/indication and control, Oled display per 4 channels for level info

and channel label, central control display with buttons, rotary encoder for volume and parameter setting, front panel speaker.

Supplied: Green-GO 12-channel panel, operator leaflet

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