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FrameVision - RGB Led - IP65

Artikel: 9037200100 - Frame Vision

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FrameVision is a 5Wx40 P5II full-colour RGB LED based floodlight for outdoor and indoor uses. This multi orientation wash-light is constructed in black paint anodized die-cast aluminum body. FrameVision utilizes the exclusive full-colour LEDs ensuring unlimited choices of rich and saturated colour-hues avoiding the undesired multi-coloured point sources or shadows. FrameVision fixture is designed for architectural environments and it is ideal for indoor and outdoor illuminations. The exclusive 25 lens allows for wide hue spreads across the illuminated surface. Fixture addressing & parameter settings are accessible through its integrated and intuitive LCD display. FrameVision is fully programmable with stand-alone mode, master/slave and the unique colour correction mode for colour consistency. Standard light projection angle is 25, wider extension of the light is achieved with the optional 40 collimator.


+Mechanical specifications: Plexiglass of protection. Either or IP20/IP65 protection rating. X-Y adjustable metal-base to orient unit. Heat dissipation via natural air convection.

+Electrical specifications: 90-230V 50-60Hz Power Supply. Standard in-out powercon connectors or cable-strain-relief. Unit in compliance with CE norms.

+Electronics specifications: 40 x 5W-RGB P5II full-colour LED. Earth safety resistor. Electronic temperature test DMX-512/1990 protocol. Pilot light to show active DMX in.

+Optics specifications: Either 25 or 40 FRAEN collimator.

+Users' facilities: Back-lit display. 6-control buttons. User-friendly menu.

+Functions: Adjustable maximum luminous flux available on each RGB colour. Settings of dimmer curve (step-linear). Strobe effect from 1 Hz to 30 Hz. Adjustable speed of the colour-changer. 6-DMX modes: 3 channels, 4 channels, 5 channels, 6 channels, 7 channels,12 channels. In DMX signal test. Temperature test.

+Stand-alone mode: 6-programmable sequences. 8-programmable colour-presets. Out-DMX replication.

+Weight & Dimensions: Kg 16,2. 419x283x335mm.

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