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Artikel: 4040020030 - 03.MS016.LFP

*With Lamp: Osram Sirius HRI 440W (24,000 Lumens)*Power supply: Electronic ballast: 90-260 V 50 / 60 Hz *Power Consumption: 600 W with PFC *with FPR (Free pan rotation system) *Weight: 23 Kg *Included items: Powerconn IN Male x 1, XLR 5-pin Male x 1 , XLR 5-pin Female x 1, OMEGA fixing bracket x 2; CLAMPS for truss fixing are not included *Packing: (LxDxH) 61x51x52 cm *25 Kg *BLACK Finishing

Moving Head Projectors

Introducing EVO, a truly new concept in entertainment lighting.

Just check out the products features to realize D.T.S. has once again broken new ground. Forget any compromises found in other moving heads: EVO features a true Beam and a true Spot in a single unit. So you get the best of both. In Beam mode, EVO delivers a stunning 61,200 Lux at 25 metres, and more than 15,300 at 50 metres, as its capable of projecting a super concentrated beam of light over very long distances. A wide variety of gobos for unique mid-air effects is available. In Spot mode, EVO offers striking brightness (over 45,000 Lux at 25 metres) and an extra-wide linear Zoom (3.5 - 39). Thanks to its improved optics, EVO delivers razor-sharp gobo projections over the whole zoom range. EVO features also include: Cutting edge Color Synthesis featuring Linear CMY, Linear CTO, a 21-color palette going from soft nuances to rich saturated colors, and analogue two-tone generation. The exclusive circular 8-facet or linear Dyna-Prism system (D.T.S. patent pending.), capable of enhancing any gobo with spectacular animations and dynamic kaleidoscopic effects never seen before. Super-fast effects: color change, gobo scrolling, dynamic prism animation, zoom movement, etc. are done at lightning speed, thanks to the built-in redundant stepper motors. EVO is available in 2 versions: with or without the FPR system. The FPR system (D.T.S. patent) allows limitless pan rotation, in both directions, never having to invert movement, offering lighting designers unmatched creative control. EVO addresses all top-level applications: from concerts to special events and television studios to theatres. The ultra-luminous multi-function EVO is perfect for rental companies, who need compact feature-packed units that are easy to handle, install and store.   Lamp Osram Sirius HRI 440W (24,000 Lumens) Colour temperature: 7,500K typ. Type of connection: PINS 2.8x 0.8mm or screw terminals Remote lamp On-Off Average lamp life: 1,500 hrs

Optical group Improved optical group: 1,530,000 Lux at 5 m (Beam mode) 1,125,000 Lux at 5 m (Spot mode) 16-bit motorized wide-excursion linear zoom Beam opening: 2 - 36 (Beam projection) 3.5 - 39 (Spot projection) 16-bit motorized linear focus Linear dimmer / shutter / strobe (0.85 flash/sec to 10 flash/sec) Smoothness filter

Color generation Linear CMY Linear CTO 21-colour wheel Two-tone generation

Dynamic effects Overlapping wheels for multiple effects: Customizable rotating gobo wheel (9 gobos) Fixed gobo wheel (17 gobos) Circular 8-facet and linear rotating prisms Dyna-Prism (D.T.S. Patent Pending)

Interface / Control / Programming Li-Fe backup battery for controlling the main parameters even when EVO is not powered LCD graphic display + 4 soft-keys (control / management of the main parameters) RDM ARTNET ready Wireless ready Updatable internal operating system

DMX 32 DMX channels

Pan & Tilt EVO: Pan 540: 2.5 sec.; Tilt 270: 1.5 sec. EVO FPR version: FPR system (D.T.S. patent) Pan: limitless rotation, in both directions; 360 rotation in 1.56 sec.; Tilt 270: 1.5 sec. Tri-phase stepper motor technology for ultra-fast silent movements 16-bit resolution Selectable speed ranges Pan / Tilt lock

Power supply Electronic ballast: 90-260 V 50 / 60 Hz Power consumption: 600 W with PFC Power saving mode (the lamp dims to 80% after shutter closure)

Connectors DMX: 4 XLR connectors (3-pole In and Out; 5-pole In and Out) by Neutrik; Power supply: POWERCON In and Out (re-launch) connectors by Neutrik;

Weight 23 Kg

Internal safety devices Overvoltage circuit protection and overtemperature circuit protection

International certifications Safety: EN 60598-1: 1993 EN 60598-2-17: 1989 A1-A3: 1993 EMC: EN 55015

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