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Artikel: 4040020035 - 03.MS018.L

*With Lamp: Osram Sirius HRI 440W (24,000 Lumens) *Power supply: Electronic ballast: 90-260 V 50 / 60 Hz *Power Consumption: 600 W with PFC *Pan 360 rotation in 1.56 sec.; Tilt 270: 1.5 sec.*Weight: 22 Kg *Included items: Powerconn IN Male x 1, XLR 5-pin Male x 1 , XLR
5-pin Female x 1, OMEGA fixing bracket x 2; CLAMPS for truss fixing are not included *Packing: (LxDxH) 61x51x52 cm *24 Kg *BLACK Finishing

Moving Head Projectors

RAPTOR is the most compact Beam moving head on the market: just 37 cm x 50 cm.
RAPTOR projects the most powerful beam of light (150.000 Lux / 15 m), and the most concentrated one.
RAPTOR can perfectly focus its 17 gobos at any distance.
Its unique selectable 'Smooth' filter eliminates the hot spot typical of Beam projectors, evenly diffusing luminosity at any point of the light beam.
RAPTOR is available in 2 versions: with or without the FPR system. The FPR (D.T.S. patent) allows limitless pan rotation, in either direction, never having to reverse motion.
Also, the unit features the fastest strobe effect.


Osram Sirius HRI 330W (16.500 Lumens; 7.500K)

Optical group
Beam opening: 0,6 - 3,4
16-bit motorized linear focus
Linear dimmer / shutter / ultra-fast strobe
150.000 Lux / 15 m

Colour generation
17-colour wheel with linear selection for perfect 2-colour beams

Dynamic effects
17-gobo wheel
8-facet rotating prism

Smooth filter (eliminates the hot spot, evenly diffusing luminosity)
Frost filter

Interface / Control / Programming
LCD graphic display (control / management / monitoring of the main parameters)
4 soft-keys
Controlled via DMX 512
Wireless ready
Internal operating system updatable via D.T.S. RED BOX interface and hyperterminal program on windows based PC

18 DMX channels

Pan & Tilt

RAPTOR: Pan 540: 2.5 sec.; Tilt 270: 1.5 sec. RAPTOR FPR: FPR system (D.T.S. patent) Pan: limitless rotation, in both directions; 360 rotation in 0.98 sec.; Tilt 270: 1.5 sec.

Power supply
Electronic ballast: 90-260V  50 / 60 Hz;
Consumption: 450 W with PFC

Energy saving
Power saving mode (the lamp dims to 80% after shutter closure)

DMX: 4 x XLR (3-pole In and Out; 5-pole In and Out) connectors by Neutrik;
Power supply: POWERCON IN / OUT connectors by Neutrik

15,4 Kg

Included items:
1 x POWERCON male cable connector (cod. 0520P014)
1 x XLR 5 Pins male cable connector (cod. 0508B028)
1 x XLR 5 Pins female cable connector (cod. 0508B027)
2 x Omega bracket (cod. 02K00549)

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