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DSP8 DIN - 8 ch. relayboard 250V/8A SPDT, plug connectors

Artikel: 3838010011 - DSP8-DIN

DMX512 controls 8 Power-Relays, 250V~ 8A, 1x SPDT with connectors.
Supplyvoltage fix 230V~ or 85-264V, with modes for motorized curtains and blinds and more.

The DSP8-DIN is the housing version of the DSP8-pcb for direct DIN-Rail mounting.

Each relay channel has a SPDT contact and is capable to switch 230V~/ 8A continuous current or 30A inrush current.


The DSP8-DIN includes several functions for opening and closing motorized curtains and blinds by button events or "one fader" control, mutual locking of relays, fader to 4 relay switch and a 8 channel sequencer expandable up to 80 channels.


As an option an extern user panel is available, with 8 switches SPDT for manual ON, OFF or DMX use, LEDs for switching state and the three rotary code switches.

Summary of features: 8 relay channels with SPDT contact for 250V~/8A DIN-Rail mounting Functions for curtains and blinds Sequencer, expandable up to 80 channels Elevator clamps for line voltage and loads colored cage clamps for DMX512 In- & Output Dimensions (LxWxH): 160 x 90 x 58 mm Weight: 452g

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