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DSP8 8 ch. relayboard 250V/8A SPDT, plug connectors

Artikel: 3838010010 - DSP8-snap

DMX512 controls 8 Power-Relays, 250V~ 8A, 1x SPDT with connectors.
Supplyvoltage fix 230V~ or 85-264V, with modes for motorized curtains and blinds and more.

DMX512 controls 8 Power-Relays 250V~ 8A, 1x SPDT with connectors


The DSP8, on multiple customer request developed from the DSP16 is now equipped with volt free SPDT relay contacts to switch 250V~ 8A. All functions of the DSP16 was equal to the DSP8. (e.g. motorized curtain & blind control)


Simple and timesaving wiring by use of screw less plug connectors (WAGO CageClamp)

Many selectable modes:


a.) 8 ON / OFF switches, each relay corresponding to one DMX channel and will be switched on when reaching a value > 60 % and switched off at a value of < 40 %.


b.) 8 push-buttons, each relay corresponding to one DMX channel and will be switched on for one 1s upon reaching a value > 60 %. Only if the DMX value is falling under 40 %, the unit can be switched on again.


The modes a) or b) can be selected for mutual locking (channel 1-2, 3-4, ...). (Open / close of motorized blinds)


c.) Control of color changers, one DMX channel controlling 4 relays. All 4 relays are switched individually, subsequently and depending on the DMX value. Relay 1 will switch on at a value > 20 %, at > 40 %, relay 1 will be switched off and relay 2 takes over. A value > 60 % will switch off relay 2 and switch on relay 3. > 80 % will switch off relay 3 and switch on relay 4. At a value below 20 %, none of the relays is activated.


d.) 8 ON / OFF switches, each relay corresponding to one DMX channel and will be switched on when reaching a value of 8 digit and switched off at a value of 6 digit.


e.) Motorized curtain Close,(Stop),Open, 3 Relays controlled by one DMX channel. "Single fader control"


f.) As e) but Open / Close single impulse


Furthermore, the operating mode in case of DMX failure can be determined: hold the last value or black all.

The DMX start address [001 - 512] is set in a decimal mode via the rotary switches. Other addresses can activate the test mode or mute the DSP8. Two LEDs indicate the operation status of the DSP8.

An integrated power supply unit and screw less -ac supply connector guarantee the easy connection in an installation.

The DSP8 is also available as PC-board for the retrofit installation and with external code switches (see Accessories: code switches)



8 volt free relay contacts (SPDT) 230V~ 8A various operation modes free for functions and interfaces specified by customer (e.g. MIDI, ASCII, ...) indication of AC voltage and DMX signal switch position 000 for mute and test 901..908 DIN-rail mounting option - SNAP Operating voltage: 230V 50-60Hz Size: 160 x 100 x 55mm Weight: 410g


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