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DSP3A 3 ch. relayboard 250V/8A, DIN Rail

Artikel: 3838010006 - DSP3A

DMX512 switches 3 x 2000VA SPDT, including one 0..10V 55mA Out.
Supplyvoltage fix 230V~ or 85-264V.

The control interface is the DMX512 protocoll and all terminals are on its old place. In addition both models have a wide area power supply for all common mains voltages from 85V to 264V~ and can be used so worldwide. Furthermore both models have an analogous output for 0..10V at 55 mA.This output can source or sink current.


Important notice about different loads
  - ohmic loads: described as in the case of AC1.
DSP3A - 8A continous- and 20A inrush current at 250V~ (2000VA) - inductive loads: dependant of the phase angle (cosf) between voltage an current only a lower current is permitted. For DSP3A - 3A, 250V~, cosf= 0,4. If necessary there may be add  over  voltage protection parts (Varistors) - capacitive loads: e.g. electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps may causes high inrush currents which rise up to 30amps per device (independent of the lamp power). In this case the maximum load of the relay contact should not be higher than 1/3 of the given value (DSP3A = 8A). Never connect more than 8 electronic ballasts together to one contact!


DSP3A - 3x SPDT, 250V~, 8A, 2000VA, ac1 LED indication of relay status, 0..10V output, DMX512 signal and power ON via rotary switch decimal setting of DMX address and testmodes integrated AC supply from 85 - 264V 47 - 63Hz module housing for DIN-rail mounting on walls or in cabinets "HOLD" of the latest settings or "BLACK ALL" in case of DMX failure

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