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Sidekick too DMX scene & seq player with 10 faders, 30 keys

Article: 0606000005 - SDK2

DMX control desk with 30 memories

The SideKick too provides a simple to use DMX scene

Capture Polar and playback of 30 memories, each of which can be a single lighting state (up to 512 channels) or a chaser with individual period and crossfade times.

The desk is fitted with DMX in/out and a programmable DMX merger. It is ideal as a stand alone control, a backup desk, and it can be used to control other software applications, such as GrandMA OnPC.

Features include:

• Capture Polars data from DMX data signal.

• 30 memories of 512 DMX channels.

• Each memory can be a scene or a chase (total desk capacity is 126 chase steps).

• Stores chaser step length and times.

• Master up/down fade buttons controls lighting

states from 0% to 200%.

• AC612 editor freeware provides programming functions.

Related products:

AC612 XUB: 12 memories on buttons 1-12, master up/down and store.

AC612 XUF: 5 memories on faders 1-5, master up/down and store.


Dimensions: 250 x 200 x 40mm, 1.35kg [box size: 400 x 280 x 72mm, 1.6kg gross].Power: External power supply, 9-24Vdc, 200mA.

Connections: DMX-in: 5-pin XLR (M), DMX-out: 5-pin XLR (F).

USB for connection to PC/Mac and stand-alone power.

Controls: 10 faders, 30 scene/chase push buttons, store, up/down push buttons.

Options: AC612 Editor software (free download from

Supplied: SideKick too, universal USB power supply, operator leaflet.


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