• Accroche
  • Cables
  • DMX/Ethernet
  • Ecrans de projections
  • Écran tactille
  • Écrans LCD
  • Flightcases
  • Fumée/Haze
  • Gradateurs
  • Intercom - Cue Light System
  • LED
  • Logo Projecteurs
  • Lyres
  • Media serveurs
  • Mediaplayers
  • Pilotages lumière
  • Projecteurs Video
  • Spots de théâtre
  • Visualisation 3D
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Les projets suivants sont réalisés par nos clients sur base des appareils d'AVL, qu'AVL distribue exclusivement.

MQ500 controls 64.000 parameters, 186 universes

ChamSys and Arf&Yes used a MagicQ MQ500 Stadium console to control a record breaking 64.000 parameters over 186 universes direct from a single MagicQ MQ500 console without processing nodes at a spectacular NYE show.

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Rock Werchter - KluB C // Live Nation 2017
KluB C - 03

MQ500 in use at Rock Werchter - KluB C // Live Nation 2017

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Reverze Deception 2016 Sportpaleis Antwerp - Belgium

Music festival - Reverze is an international music event, that takes place every year in Sportpaleis - Antwerp - Belgium. The represented music styles are Hardstyle, Raw and Hardcore. This year they showed the processing power of the ChamSys MQ100 Pro 2014 lichtconsole. 64 universes fully patched.

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MagicQ lights up NYE 2015

MagicQ consoles were again used on many New Year Eve shows around the world. Highlights including lighting up the London Eye Mellenium Wheel for the midnight show and a 5 hour live TV show in China for an estimated 500 million viewers. In Nanjing Olympic Sports Center Gymnasium, China, two MagicQ MQ100s controlled 100 universes of lighting with around 2000 moving lights on this spectacular show for Jiangsu TV. Lighting designed and programmed by ARF&YES. Jiangsu TV Show Video

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HD video wall

High Defenition video wall avec Pandoras Box Player

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