• 3D Visualisation
  • Cables
  • Dimmers
  • DMX/Ethernet
  • Flightcases
  • Intercom - Cue Light System
  • LCD Panels
  • LED
  • Lighting controllers
  • Logo Projectors
  • Media Servers
  • Mediaplayers
  • Moving Heads
  • Projection Screens
  • Rigging
  • Smoke/Haze
  • Theatre Spots
  • Touch Screens
  • Video Projectors
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Reverze Deception 2016 Sportpaleis Antwerp - Belgium Previous Go to overview Next

Music festival - Reverze is an international music event, that takes place every year in Sportpaleis - Antwerp - Belgium. The represented music styles are Hardstyle, Raw and Hardcore.

This year they showed the processing power of the ChamSys MQ100 Pro 2014 lichtconsole. 64 universes fully patched.

reverze3Production: Bass Events
Light design & operating: Kristof Van Mensel - TCF
Set design: Patrick Bellens - TCF
Technical production: Kristof Devriese
Video content: Dirty Monitor
Audio Management: NoizBoys
Lasers: Laser Image
Special FX: Dewico
Motion & Automation: WIcreations
Technical Supplier: Phlippo

1x ChamSys MQ100 Pro 2014, 2x Execute Wing & 1x Playback wing 1x
backup: ChamSys MQ100 Pro 2014 + playback wing
180 x Robe Pointe (TV Colour wheel)
reverze636x Robe Ledwash 1200
20x Robe Ledwash 600
80x URC speedbeam 105
36x Martin Viper Performance
66x URC goldpix
88x URC goldstrip
90x DWE singel cell blinder
50x Ayrton Magicpanel R
80x Martin Atomic 3000 LED
720 Showtec Octostrip
64x Chauvet Geyser RGB
72x Showtec M800
20x Showtec Active sunstrip

1x ChamSys MQ60
10x CO2 jets
12x stage flames
6x explo wave flames

In total 1602 fixtures controlled by a MQ 100 Pro 2014 & 2x Execute wing + 1x Playback wing. 1x MQ100 Pro 2014 + playback wing in slave mode (backup). So all processing power was coming from just 1 desk and with 64 universes fully patched!


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